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If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you’re not alone. In 2008, 17,856 people in Colorado filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy and in 2009, 23,653 families filed. These numbers are increasing by the thousands due to hard economic times. Major unanticipated life changes have been huge contributors that are leading to bankruptcy:

  • Job losses or the inability to find work
  • Unaffordable medical bills and costs
  • Divorce
  • Small business failure
  • Foreclosure
  • Layoffs and pay cuts
  • Garnishments
  • And many other life changing events.

It has become more difficult to save money when the cost of groceries, gas and other living expenses are rising much quicker than wages, leaving many depleated of descretionary income. Many of us lack savings and find ourselves living day to day, where the slightest change in our economic situation can cause a person to become quickly overwhelmed by debt. These are the reasons the protections and safeguards of bankruptcy were creaeted.. Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives the debtor an oppertunity for a fresh start, discharge old debt and protect familys from further financial hardship.

How about some relief? Garnishments stop at the door. At the Law Office of Will Cook, we take on the burden of your debt. Calls from creditors causing anxiety and beating you down? No more, we take on all your creditors. They stop calling you and start calling us. We know that making the decision to file bankruptcy is hard and can be very emotional. We are here to support you.

Bankruptcy is a step by step procedure and we handle your case at your pace. When you go to meeting of the creditors you are armed with a powerful attorney. Let us help you pick up the financial pieces and experience financial freedom.

What you will need before we file:

  • 6 months pay stubs (If you don’t work, don’t worry we have everything you need here at the office.)
  • 6 months of bank statements
  • Your three credit reports from: Transunion, Equifax, and Experian
  • 3 years of your tax statements
  • Mandatory credit counseling classes(Unless you are in the military on active duty, you are incapacitated, or have a disability that prevents you from participating)
  • Completed client questionnaire found here:

How long does bankruptcy take to complete?

The whole chapter 7 bankruptcy process, file to finish, takes about three to six months and requires a 341 Meeting of the Creditors. This meeting takes place 30 days after you file and around 60 days after Meeting of the Creditors you can expect a dischage. Filing is at your pace, sometimes it takes time to come up with all the documents nessary to file.


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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law

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